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You’ve probably heard it before. Support local. But have you ever wondered, why?

For us, as a business manufacturing our products locally in Napier, it means you’re helping us drive local economies and create jobs for local people. 

And it means you can feel confident our products are designed with the unique needs of New Zealand horses and their health in mind. 

We believe in supporting local, and embracing our potential for making a positive impact. 

There are so many different types of hay and it can get confusing when you start to try figuring out which hay to use and why. Or which hay to avoid and why. Here is my hay by hay take on… hay!
Part of the problem with recognising gut health as a ‘problem’ for your horse is that symptoms of poor gut health can be very subtle, even when issues are severe. Plus, each horse may show different signs for the same issue.


Your horses gut is like a castle

Gut Health Educational Series



  • Feeding for gut health
  • 5 tips for maintaining horse gut health during drought
  • How To Feed So Your OTT Blooms


  • Digestive EQ: A Preliminary Field Evaluation
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