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Feed assist

A free and personalised Doctor of Equine NUTRITION - AT YOUR SERVICE 24/7.


take the guesswork (and stress) out of feeding - get a personalised recommended diet for your horse in less than 5 minutes.

Introducing Feed Assist - our in-house horse nutrition calculator.

Tell Feed Assist about your horse and the forage it eats, and it will create a scientifically balanced diet, tailored for your horse and situation… In less than 5 minutes.

And the best part is, it’s FREE.

Feed Assist can work with your favourite ‘hard’ feed OR create a brand-new diet from scratch. Use it as often as you like, to tweak the diet as your horse’s workload or pasture conditions change.

Feed with confidence & clarity!

Working out what to feed your horse can be really confusing (especially if your horse has metabolic problems). Everybody has a different piece of advice to give and the marketing messages from feed companies can confuse you even more.

Get your peace of mind back, and know with clarity that you’re feeding your horse exactly what it needs.


use feed assist to help you SAVE MONEY

Feed only what your horse needs and leave out feeds that aren’t needed (but are costing you money).

With Feed Assist you can clearly see which nutrients are supplied by which feeds, remove unneeded feeds and save your money for all those other horsey things you’ve been dreaming about.

Optimise gut health (& your horse’s health)

True health begins in the gut. And when your horse’s gut is working well, its body will use the feed it eats more efficiently (often meaning you can feed less).

Rest assured that Feed Assist will only create diets that are gut friendly.


How does it work?

1. Tell Feed Assist about your horse (age, workload, any problems etc).

2. Tell Feed Assist about your horse’s pasture.

3. Enter the amounts of hay &/or chaff your horse is fed.

4. Choose your preferred ‘hard’ feed, if you have one.

5. Let Feed Assist create a balanced diet for you!

Get the most out of Feed Assist

Tip #1
Enter accurate data for best results. Ideally, accurately enter your horse’s height and body type/weight AND always weigh your feed.

Tip #2
Know your pasture and forage. If you need help selecting the option that best describes your horse's pasture, post photos of it on our Facebook ‘Horse Gut Health Community’ to figure it out.

Tip #3
Are you feeding a ‘hard’ feed but not sure if it’s ideal? If you want to consider other options tick ‘No’ in the ‘Feeds’ section and Feed Assist will create a perfect diet for your horse using appropriate gut-friendly ingredients.

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