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What Are People Saying About Poseidon Equine?


Jade Findlay is one of Australia’s leading female eventers. In June 2018, Jade won the Melbourne International 3DE with her amazing horse Oaks Cordelia, aka Heidi. Jade shares with us her experience with using Digestive EQ and how she has weaned her horse off ulcer medications.


Dr Erin Roddy is not only a talented show jumper, she also manages Spring Creek Rehabilitation. Erin has had great success with Digestive EQ, with not only her own competition horses but also client’s horses following surgery. Hear from Erin.


Danielle Keogh, a highly successful FEI Dressage rider and coach shares her experiences about Digestive EQ and the differences it is making to her dressage team.

Endorsed by Veterinarians

"I have found Digestive EQ to be a highly beneficial supplement for horses grazing pastures at risk of fungal endophyte infestation in autumn and spring.

Digestive EQ provides the essential protective elements of calcium and magnesium, in addition to a mycotoxin binder and yeast which aids in prevention of the development of grass staggers, parotiditis, laminitis, hypersensitive behaviour and skin hypersensitivity which occurs commonly in horses in my region on a seasonal basis.

I have also found Digestive EQ to be a supplement beneficial to those horses prone to symptoms of colic or laminitis during seasonal pasture changes and believe it is a useful supplement for holistically improving the overall health of horses prone to digestive upsets, behavioural disorders and allergic skin disease.

Trainers have remarked on the noticeable improvement in horse’s behaviour, skin and digestive function within a short time period of commencement of Digestive EQ supplementation. I highly recommend it’s use!"



"I chose Digestive EQ as unlike other products, the emphasis is on hindgut health.
We have been trialing for 8 months, and we have noticed big improvements in appetite, demeanour and calmness. The main reason we like it is that the horses lick the tin clean, which they never used to do!"


More Stories

Rotty is our 17hh 34-year-old warmblood that had been suffering from severe scouring and weight loss. After trying everying we decided to use Digestive EQ.

The results were immediate. He gained weight and the scouring stopped within days. He is happy again. Digestive EQ has saved his life!

Michelle Harrington

I am only feeding chaff, hay and Digestive EQ. His winter coat is so shiny. His feed conversion is great and he is even more relaxed.

He wouldn't lay down to sleep for over a month when I first got him and now he loves sleeping with his legs stuck out in the air and the neighbours calling me worried about him!

Kathie Bowtell

I have been using other digestive products before trying Digestive EQ.

So I was amazed when my horse had such a dramatic transformation.

I wont use anything else but Digestive EQ from now on.

Abbey Hudson

This mare was purchased and seemed to have the scours consistently for several months.

She had a few feed changes trying to find the problem but nothing was working. One 4kg of Digestive EQ settled the scouring problem in 3 days and she has now totally bloomed.

This mare has never looked like this in her life regardless of work or holidays.

Adam Rowland

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